Featured Endeavors

Fashion Chicks

The movie 'Fashion Chicks' was largely composed of a cast of influencers. The most important being the popular boyband 'B-Brave'. B-Brave was the most popular Dutch boyband in the Netherlands. Sold out concerts, screaming fans and girls in sleeping bags waiting outside were an important reason for us to bring them onboard.


By giving the members of B-Brave prominent roles in the movie we were easily able pull in B-Brave’s fanbase into the theatres.


The film closed out with 192.083 visitors and a golden status.

Heksen Bestaan Niet

The movie 'Heksen Bestaan Niet' was the first feature-length-film where the cast was largely composed of influencers. The most important of which was Aaliyah Kolf, she managed to win 'Hollands Got Talent' at the age of 8 and in doing so created a substantial fanbase.


The film closed out with 219.684 visitors and achieved a golden status.

Suriname: The Movie

‘Suriname’ examines cliches often found in the Surinamese society. It displays the trials and tribulations of a young nation morphing into a full-fledged state. Where criminals change and reshape themselves into respectable businessmen and politicians. Where its citizens, opposing corruption are simultaneously its biggest benefactors.


‘Suriname’ is both a remake of- and a sequel to the 2010 identically named  film ‘Suriname the movie’ and is slated to debut in theatres on 20-02-2020